Anxiety: Essential Oils Recipes pt 2

2 Drops Helichrysum

3 Drops Frankincense

As always, you can make more and store in an amber bottle.

Frankincense is a wonderful and powerful essential oil, it functions on a spiritual level as a protector and energy cleanser, but it also functions as an immediate antidepressant.

Hleichrysum, referred to by the Greeks as ‘Gold of the Sun’ has a beautiful scent, and it extends between both the physical and spiritual realms to heal both emotional and physical scars.





Anxiety- Essential Oils Recipes



Essential oils for panic attacks/anxiety

1 drop of Neroli + 4 drops of Lavender
*or make bigger batches and store in an amber bottle.

Meditation around this scent is very therapeutic, but it is also fabulous in general, especially as a night scent if anxiety hits in the evening.

Love Tonic

Love Tonic

Just wanted to share this little recipe with you all:
3 Drops of Sandal wood
2 Drops of Vanilla
3 Drops of Cedarwood
4 Drops of Bergamot
2 Drops of Rose
300ml Vodka (as fixative)
Pour into a dark bottle and leave for a week to mature. OR add oils to 1tbsp of jojoba oil. Wear on pulse points

*make sure all oils are essential oils!

(More to come on what makes this so magical)flowersspirit

How to read your Palm- Marriage

How to read your Palm

For most, Palm reading seems either too simple to be possible, or too complex to approach- I have to say I side with the latter. In this post and a few others (coming soon) I will help you look for the most common things we would like to find in the palm of our hands!


Palm reading Marriage in palm reading

A little bit of History

Palmistry has an unusually rich history. Its foundation widely accepted as stemming from Hindu astrology. Its presence was  wide spread in ancient practice across Eurasia- India, Tibet, China, Persia, Sumeria, ancient Israel and Babylonia. Aristotle famously presented a work on Palmistry supposedly written in 350BC to Alexander the Great who applied it to indian-palm-readingvarious aspects of his life. Palmistry suffered greatly during the rise of the Catholic Church, and for a long time following was regarded as ‘magic’ and a forbidden art.

For anyone interested the famous historic work “The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading” is available free on PDF here.




How to read Marriage lines

In the picture below you will see the marriage line. Note, females read the right hand, and males read the left. After looking at your own lines, ask yourself these questions:

Do you have more than one line?                               Marriage palm reading

Is the line consistent and straight?

Does it curve upwards/downwards?

Does it have a fork at the end?

Is it erratic ?


Now that you are familiar with your own lines take a look below to see what this says about you! Keep in mind I have simplified this-palms are much like anything, you need to read the whole picture to find true clarity.

Multiple lines:

Having multiple lines is often interpreted as dis-functional, or lacking in longevity, however this actually greatly depends on the nature of the lines, if they are deep, and reasonable in length, without running into each other, they are signs of lasting synergistic relationships that have meaning on our journey. They are usually relationships that end in death, or in harmony. If the lines are shallow, touch each other, or erratic this symbolizes relationships that are less positive, and lack in synergy- often resulting in conflict.

*Multiple lines but not of the same length signals conflict within a single relationship(the longest line), but it doesn’t rule out resolution and harmony


Long-A long line (at depth) indicates lasting happy relationships that began at a young age.

Short-A short line (at depth) indicates marriage later in life, and often occurs when a person prioritizes career over romance.


Upwards-This is a good sign for happiness and compatibility, but it also goes further, this is often seen in those who are in a relationship that has Karmic roots, soulmates, or twinflames.

Downwards-This is an indication of divorce and unhappiness within a relationship, it is often seen in those that end in infidelity.


Seen as the Y shape at the beginning or end of a marriage line. Neither fork is positive, however it is dependent on the depth and size of the fork. A shallow smaller fork may mean some time apart, but if the rest of the line is intact and deep, the relationship rebuilds. Those with larger forks will either; fork at the beginning-separation, fork at the end-stay together unhappily.






Botanical Vibrations-Neroli Oil

Over the years I have found an extraordinary link between essential oils and energies. A lot of oils haven’t been well studied, more so they have been known to perhaps help with mood and aliments, however, as I see it they act as  supercharged links to our organic nature.

Through my work I sense changes in energy between our lower and higher selves, but also act as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds-and essential oils have an undeniable role in within this.


Neroli Oil-Citrus Aurantium


There is so much I could talk about here, but I will give you a quick run down of the known benefits of Neroli before I give you the benefits as I see them!

Neroli is sourced via the steam distillation of the Neroli flower, or orange blossom.Citrus Aurantium. It has a sweet floral note.

Benefits antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, bactericidal, cordial, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic substance.

Spiritual Benefits

Integration within the self and the Divine

I experience Neroli as a gateway tool, during readings presence of this oil enables me to reach a depth of meditation that is much harder to acquire without the oil. It brings about an undeniable state of calmness, and furthermore it allows me to be cleansed of any negative energy as I go forth. Many of my regular clients experience a feeling of healing throughout my readings, often either a warmth in the face, or a tingling sensation-something that just isn’t possible if I connect with over-charge personal energy.

Neroli has been indicated as a tool for the Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Chakras, bringing about sensual pleasure, self trust, divine trust, peace within struggle and fear, and openness to love.

Try it: Due to the sweet floral fragrance it is suitable to wear daily, use in baths, a few drops in skin care (I like to add it to my bedding laundry to take advantage of the calming power). Experiment!







How To Heal With Herbs: The Chakras


Part Two: The Heart Chakra, Fourth Chakra
(Purity and Love)

(All green: Thyme, Sage, Basil, Parsley)


Why it is important:
The 4th of the Chakras, the Heart Chakra, sits midway between our lower and upper Chakras, it is the place of balance and purity, it is from where love flows.

How it works:
How we are in love, how we are with others, our ability to give and receive love is all connected to the heart Chakra.

Which are you?
Over energized= If you are overly invested and attached to a love one, if you find yourself engaging in a love that brings you pain, if you find yourself desperate for intimacy, and prone to jealousy.

Non-Energized= If you are indifferent to love, if you feel muted and unenthused towards those that you once loved, or feel you should love.
Balanced= You feel love, and loved in return, you feel a contentedness and willingness to give and receive without conditions.

How to-
Take care to include green foods into your diet, the heart chakra is connected to our physical health too, and when in balance you will be in good health

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